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Technical translations for businesses and government agencies – Certified translations according to ISO standards – Interpreting services

The quality of a translation, absolute adherence to deadlines, professionalism and reliability on the part of the translator, all of these significantly influence the success of our clients in the international business world.

The choice of an interpreter should also be made with the same care. Not only through ability and knowledge of the subject, but also through personality, dependability, loyalty and discretion does an interpreter contribute substantially to the correct handling of procedures at government agencies and in business negotiations at firms and institutions.

Founded in 1990 in Leipzig, Comtext Fremdsprachenservice GmbH is today a modern service provider.

Comtext Fremdsprachenservice provides services to government agencies and authorities, courts, prominent companies, trade fairs, banks, insurance companies, research institutes, and private clients, offering translation and interpretation services in virtually all official and national languages.
The ten translators and interpreters employed by our company and an actively applied quality management system form a solid base for customer satisfaction. Our two central offices in the urban centers of Leipzig and Halle, as well as three branch offices Riesa/Dresden, Dessau and Altenburg (Thuringia), meet all the preconditions necessary for efficient, quality-assured service at competitive prices. Our in-house staff consists of specifically trained translators and interpreters holding Diplom Degrees and/or
engineers. Together with freelancers, we offer professional interpretation services in Germany and abroad covering a wide spectrum of technical disciplines and including conference teams. All of our employees are court-sworn as interpreters and possess the official, government-recognized stamp required to legally certify written translations.
A unique aspect of our office in Halle/Merseburg is its specialization in Eastern European – Slavic and Baltic – languages.

Do you require from time to time translations of technical or legal texts? Translations of your business correspondence? If so, then you have found in us the right partner. Our translation agency offers virtually every kind of translation in all official languages, specializing, in addition to English, in Eastern European languages, such as Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Czech, Hungarian, and Ukrainian. Our specialization includes translating into or out of all the languages above.


Are you seeking an efficient and capable language service provider to translate your documentation, operating manuals, and maintenance instructions over the long-term using consistent terminology?

Are you looking for a translation agency for the translation of your Internet site, homepage, or promotional materials?

Are you searching for a professional translator with precise knowledge and experience regarding target language usage and the customs in the target countries and regions?

Even when a technical translation or documentation is involved, Comtext Fremdsprachenservice is a partner you can rely on. When searching for translators to handle extensive, multi-language projects, it is possible to assemble a team consisting of several translators in order to guarantee short turn-around time for delivering the work. Certified, court-sworn translators are always used to prepare ISO-conform translations of your official personal documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, other genealogical documents, certificates documenting name change, court judgments, divorce decree, documents with apostilles, personal identity card, passport), academic documents (school graduation certificates of all levels), diplomas (vocational school certificate, university diploma, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees, professional licenses) and all other official documents (driver’s license, letters of reference, employment record, employment contract, medical record, summary of social insurance contributions, pension documents, etc.). Only translators with this qualification have the authority to certify the completeness and accuracy of a translation for acceptance by German government agencies and courts. Translations of proper names from languages which do not use the Latin alphabet follow the ISO standard.

For expedited certified translation (including ISO-conform translations), express translation, rapid translation, online translation, and immediate translation, our Slavic translator (for Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian, and Serbian), our English translator, our Lithuanian translator as representative of the team of Baltic language specialists, and our in-house translators for Polish, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Czech, and Ukrainian will be happy to assist you personally – locally in the branch offices of Dessau, Bitterfeld, Halle (Saxony-Anhalt), Leipzig, Markkleeberg, Riesa near Dresden (Saxony) and Altenburg, Gera (Thuringia) or in the Internet and online.

As a general rule, we do not provide translations free of charge or gratis, but we do offer preferential prices and are not afraid of any price comparison (price according to standard line, word count, or fixed overall price).

In every respect, our translation service will satisfy your search for translators and interpreters.Working in teams of many certified translators, technical translators and interpreters, we are able to handle even large jobs for translation and interpreting projects within a very short amount of time (rapid translation). The work accomplished by the interpreters or translators is organized and coordinated by a technical translator or interpreter who functions as the project team leader. The person responsible for the project manages the translation processes, editing, and entire quality management.

For conventions, conferences and symposiums, we are happy to provide you with experienced professional simultaneous interpreters for the language combinations English-German-English, Russian-German-Russian, as well as for many European languages, especially Eastern European languages; upon request, we can also provide conference equipment (interpreter booths, microphones, tour guide system).

Our on-call interpreter service – certified interpreters for the courts, public prosecutors, police, and government agencies – primarily for the German federal states of Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, and Thuringia – is available to assist you around the clock.

All of the translators and interpreters are specialists in their fields holding German Diplom degrees in translation or interpretation, or are state-recognized/state-certified translators and interpreters. They prepare translations for industry, commerce, public insurance entities, etc. and have the particular relevant experience in: accounting, advertising, aerospace, agriculture, alternative energy sources, automotive technology, banking, chemistry, climate change, construction, contracts, customs, engineering, ecology, energy industry, environment, EU, foodstuffs, general industrial technology, geology, hoisting and conveyor equipment, humanities, insurance industry, IT communication, law, legal translation, machine construction, management, marketing, market research, materials research, media, medical translation, mining, money and finance, patents, photovoltaics, power plants, railroad, railway transportation, renewable energy resources, shipbuilding, software localization, solar parks, surveying, taxes, technical translations for the European Union, telecommunication, trams, transportation, wind energy, wind parks, wind power, etc.